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Tile cleaning and calcium removal

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Tile cleaning and calcium removal with bead blasting

If you own a pool, you have probably seen calcium deposits form on the tile at the waterline, a spillover, an infinity edge, or a waterfall. This is a common issue, especially if you live in an area with hard water (i.e., a high concentration of calcium present in the water). While it is very common, oftentimes unpreventable, and unlikely to pose any danger to swimmers, its unsightly presence can diminish the overall beauty of your pool and your backyard.

Our guaranteed approach to eliminating these calcium deposits and restoring your tile to its original sheen is through a process called "bead blasting".

What is bead blasting?

Bead blasting, a powerful technique in surface restoration, involves using a high-pressure air stream to forcibly propel small beads or particles to remove the buildup of calcium or other minerals from pool tiles. It’s a process that is very similar process to sandblasting, although, because we use softer media like glass beads or salt particles, it’s much softer and won’t damage the surface of the tile.

The process of bead blasting your pool tile usually takes between 4 and 6 hours, depending upon the size of the pool, the severity of the calcium deposits, and the type of pool tile that’s being restored. Our process is safe, eco-friendly, and doesn’t require that we drain the pool more than just a few inches (although if the calcium hardness of the water is too high, we may recommend draining it entirely). With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder this innovative process has become so popular for pool owners who are looking to maintain the aesthetic of their pool.

What causes calcium to form on pool tiles to begin with?

The formation of calcium on pool tiles is a common issue that arises due to the natural chemistry of water, especially in cities with hard water. Naturally, all water out of the 'tap' has some level of calcium, and other minerals, present within it. As pool water evaporates, the calcium does not evaporate with that water. Then as water is refilled into the pool, more calcium is introduced to the pool within that new water, which increases the overall concentration of calcium.

This cycle of evaporation and refilling pool water happens on a daily basis and, as a result, the concentration of calcium is constantly increasing. At some point, the concentration of calcium becomes so high that it surpasses the water's saturation point for calcium, and the excess calcium begins to precipitate out of the water and adhere to various surfaces, usually pool tiles.

What can I do to prevent calcium from building up on my tile?

Since the formation of calcium deposits on pool tile is simply a function of natural chemistry, there's very little that you can do to prevent this from happening. Even regular tile brushing won't help reduce the concentration of calcium in the water or significantly slow the buildup of the calcium deposits on the tile. As far as prevention goes, the most effective method would be to regularly refresh your water, usually every 2-3 years. Depending upon your budget, the time of year, and personal preferences, we can refresh your pool water one of two ways.

Complete drain and refill

As the name of this service suggests, a drain and refill involves completely draining the existing water from the pool and refilling it with new water. This process usually occurs over the course of a few days, so homeowners can plan to be without their pool during that time. We begin by dropping a submersible pump into the pool, which will pump out all of the water over the course of several hours. Once empty, we will inspect the surface of the plaster and may recommend a chlorine or acid wash to rejuvenate the look of the plaster. Then, the pool is refilled and the water chemistry is balanced.

Filter water through reverse osmosis (RO)

Our reverse osmosis (RO) filtering process is a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate water quality to levels that a drain and refill cannot. Our advanced filtration system involves running your pool water through our mobile multi-stage RO system, located on a trailer, that we deliver to your home. Within 24 hours, nearly all of the impediments and minerals in your contaminated pool water will be filtered out, leaving you with completely pure and fresh water.

What is the process to remove calcium with bead blasting?

The bead blasting process for pool tile restoration involves several meticulous steps to ensure a thorough cleaning without damaging the tiles.

Step 1. Provide an assessment of the situation and offer a quote.

Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the current condition of your pool tiles. Our experienced technician will determine the size of your pool, carefully examine the severity of the calcium deposits, identify any existing staining that may be present, and take note of any specific areas that may require focused attention. We will also determine what type of tile you have so that we can properly select the correct media to blast. Most commonly, we will use salt, but may determine that glass beads or other media need to be used in certain situations.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we will provide a definitive quote for our bead blasting service. Assuming that everything looks great, we will get you on our schedule. We are typically able to set appointments within a few days; however, timing may vary depending upon seasonal demand.

Step 2. Drain the pool 6-8 inches and setup the equipment.

When the day of your appointment arrives, we will first need to drain the pool approximately 6 to 8 inches and setup our equipment. Many other pool companies will require you to completely drain all of the water from the pool; however, our eco-friendly and water conscious approach means we only need to drain the water enough to comfortably access the tile line. Our technician will wear water-proof waders so that he can get into the water, in addition to additional personal protective equipment such as a mask, goggles, and gloves.

The equipment setup usually doesn't take longer than 15 to 20 minutes, but we will want to ensure that the appropriate media is loaded up and that the settings of our equipment are suitable for your pool tile. Lastly, we will take any necessary measures to protect other surrounding surfaces, pool equipment, patio furniture, and other adjacent areas to prevent any unintended damage to your property.

Step 3. Begin bead blasting to remove all calcium and mineral deposits.

Before we proceed with blasting the entire pool, we will first test a small, inconspicuous area. This preliminary test services as a crucial step in fine-tuning our approach, allowing our technician to assess the impact of the chosen media on your pool tile and to ensure our equipment settings are dialed in.

With the comprehensive assessment and preliminary testing completed, we will initiate the bead blasting process on a larger scale to eliminate all calcium and mineral deposits from your pool tile. Our technician will move from tile to tile, cleaning one at a time until the entire job is completed.

This process is very meticulous and can take between 4 and 6 hours, depending upon the severity of the calcium deposits and the size of your pool.

Step 4. Seal and protect the tile.

Once finished, we apply a sealant to protect the tile and restore the shine and sparkle it had when it was fresh out of the box. Our premium sealants are specifically formulated for pool tile surfaces and will provide an extra barrier of protection against harsh pool chemicals and delay the onset of future calcium deposits. Of course, it's only a matter of time until the calcium will begin to form again, but our sealant should allow you to go longer until you need to bead blast again. This is an important step in our process that many other pool companies do not offer.

Step 5. Perform final inspection, refill pool water, and clean up.

Lastly, after all of the calcium and mineral deposits have been removed and the tile has been sealed, we will perform a final inspection to ensure every detail meets our standards of excellence. Assuming that everything looks great, our technician will begin refilling the pool water and vacuum any beads out of the water. In the case of salt pellets, they will naturally dissolve on their own, but we will need to vacuum out glass beads manually. Once completed, we will pack up our equipment, take one last look to ensure your backyard looks as it did (or better than) before we arrived, and we will depart, locking the gate behind us.

Before and after photos

photo of tile with a lot of calcium buildup before it has been bead blasted

Natural stone covered in calcium before bead blasting

photo of clean tile after it has been bead blasted

Natural stone restored to its original condition

photo of tile with a lot of calcium buildup before it has been bead blasted

Ceramic tile covered in calcium before bead blasting

photo of clean tile after it has been bead blasted

Ceramic tile restored to its original condition

Why choose Priority Pool Service for your tile cleaning?

Experienced professionals with decades of expertise in tile cleaning

Our team of expert pool professionals possesses decades of experience in pool care and maintenance. When it comes to pool tile cleaning, we know how to treat calcium and other mineral deposits on all types of pool tile, including ceramic, natural stone, glass, and more. Leveraging sophisticated techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure a thorough removal of deposits while preserving the integrity and aesthetic of your tiles.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

We understand that a pool is more than just a feature of your home; it's a source of joy, relaxation, and cherished memories. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure every aspect of our service exceeds your expectations. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, our team provides personalized care, tailoring our tile cleaning services to the unique aspects of your pool. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we stand behind our work with guarantees of workmanship and satisfaction.

Eco-friendly and safe tile cleaning process

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy pool environment while protecting our planet. That's why we utilize environmentally friendly media when cleaning your pool tile. No matter what type of pool tile you have, our process and chosen media will remove all calcium and mineral deposits without posing any hazard to your family or the environment. In all that we do, safety is paramount, so we ensure that our cleaning processes are non-toxic and safe for all swimmers, including children and pets. By choosing our eco-conscious approach, you're not only ensuring a sparkling clean pool but also contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world.

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