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Pool automation and remote control

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Pool automation and remote control

Have you ever wished you could have complete control over your pool through your smart phone or tablet, and that you could put the days of manually turning valves on your equipment behind you? Well, you can. And Priority Pool Service is the local leader in remote control and automation systems. Whether you are looking to control your spa heater, water features, pump, lighting, or everything, we can help you get the system installed and get the most out of your pool experience.

We believe in transparency and good, old-fashioned communication. From scheduling a service call to a completed repair, you won’t have to wonder what’s going on, how much the repair might cost, or when it will be finished.

As one of the most professional and highest-rated pool repair companies, we stand behind the quality of our work. If we make a mistake, we will be back to fix it immediately and at no additional cost to you.

Experience the ultimate in pool convenience and control

The pool automation systems we work with allow for you to control every aspect of your pool, including:

  • Set and adjust recurring schedules for your system, lighting, heater, and more
  • Adjust your water temperature
  • Control fountains, slides, and other water features
  • Adjust pool lighting and set schedules for lighting features
  • Monitor and adjust chemical levels automatically with chemical dispensers
  • Schedule cleaning and maintenance tasks, such as controlling an automatic vacuum
  • Receive alerts for low water levels, leaks, and other issues
  • Integrate with other smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Save energy by optimizing pool pump and filter usage
  • Customize and save pool settings for different occasions, such as parties or family swim time

Keep in mind that this is not an complete list, and that our experts can help you gain access to any aspect of your pool through our automation systems. We recommend speaking to our expert team to discuss how we can help to improve your user experience.

We work with all major brands and suppliers

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pool equipment and products to our customers. We understand the importance of having a reliable pool automation system that can withstand the test of time, which is why we supply all major brands, including Pentair, Hayward, and Jandy.

Whether you are looking for a new pump installation or need a replacement for an existing pump, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you select the right pump for your needs.

Our team of experienced technicians will not only help you select the right brand, but we will also assist with installation, repair, and maintenance, ensuring that your pool is always running smoothly and efficiently.

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All about pool automation and remote control

Nowadays, you can control your TV, your car, and your smart home through your phone or tablet. Wouldn't it be nice to have complete control over your pool and spa as well? We are here to tell you that you can, and it's an easy upgrade to virtually any existing pool system. With a few taps, you'll be able to heat your spa from anywhere in the world, you can control your lighting, program your system to turn on and off at certain times, and even control water features like fountains and waterfalls. Forget the days of manually moving valves when you want to heat your spa, and jump into the 21st century with pool automation. In this guide, we will introduce pool automation and discuss all of its practical benefits. If you're interested in adding automation to your pool, make sure to give us a call and we can help you evaluate and build exactly what you need.

A brief history of pool automation and remote control

Pool automation systems were first introduced in the early 1980s, as technology advanced and controllers were developed that allowed for automatic regulation of water level, chemical balance, temperature, and pump operation. These were revolutionary at the time, allowing swimming pool owners to take the guesswork out of maintenance and ensuring chemicals stayed balanced around-the-clock with little to no effort. Improvements in technology rapidly made these systems computerized, allowing for wireless communication between the controller and other devices. This opened up more sophisticated features such as remote control via mobile devices or computers, letting users control their pools from any location in the world.

What features can you control with pool automation?

A pool automation system can provide unprecedented control over your pool. With the touch of a button, you can adjust every setting, from pumps and cleaners to lighting and water features. You can even set up schedules to run your pump at certain hours depending on the day of the week, allowing you to maintain crystal-clear pool water and know your system will always be running on schedule with minimal effort.

Perhaps most importantly, a pool automation system lets you monitor real-time conditions like temperature and pH levels - perfect for knowing when the pool is ready for a refreshing dip or needs adjustments. Automation systems are designed to simplify keeping a healthy, well-maintained swimming environment, giving you peace of mind that your pool is always in perfect condition.

Let's look at all the things you can do with your new automated pool system.


Automating your pool pump can help to improve overall system efficiency. With advanced automation, users can preset exact on-off times that the pump runs, allowing it to operate at less than full power most of the time. This reduces energy consumption and improves its overall lifespan. Automating your pool pump also allows you to control it remotely using an app or a computer, enabling you to adjust how much water is being circulated with virtually no effort. You don't need to worry about manually turning your pump on every day or changing its settings as the seasons shift. Automation will take care of all these extra tasks so that your pool remains in perfect condition - no matter what time of year it is.


Pool heating can be a huge expense, and you can save time and money with an automated system. Automation allows you to precisely adjust your pool heater temperature as desired or needed in both directions throughout the day. If the sun is out longer than expected in the evening, a quick temperature drop won't leave you shivering in the water. You can also set automated controls by type of activity, cooling slightly when swimming laps but raising temperatures for leisurely soaking. Automating your pool heater saves energy by not running too hot or too cold for more extended periods of time; it remains exactly where you set it saving considerable energy or gas costs over time.


Pool lighting can add to your pool area's ambiance, and with automation technology, you can take that experience to a whole new level. Automation systems allow you to connect your lights to a wireless network to easily turn them on/off remotely or even set mood lighting that turns on based on the time of day. By installing remote-controlled LED bulbs, you also have more illuminated colors available than traditional incandescent bulbs. Additionally, automated lights consume less energy than their traditional counterparts, adding savings in electric bills. In short, investing in an automation system for your pool lighting can make your outdoor space look more gorgeous and help you save money simultaneously!

Chemical feeders

Pool chemical feeders can be a great tool for maintaining pool chemistry, but they are complex to operate if not set up properly. By allowing pool owners to precisely control the amount of chemicals introduced into the pool water, they keep swimming pools safe and clean. Automating pool chemical feeders is beneficial because it ensures that your chemicals are always at the right level - no more manually monitoring levels or scrambling to rebalance them after storms or heavy use. Automated chemical feeders also offer convenience - set it once and forget about it for weeks. The systems do need to be recalibrated from time to time, but it will certainly still save you time in the long run. Furthermore, automated systems can detect when there isn't enough chlorine in the water and react automatically to restore safe levels, increasing convenience and reliability even further.

Benefits of pool automation

Pool automation unlocks a world of convenience and comfort for swimming pool owners. Automating the process of day-to-day maintenance, such as filtration, cleaning, and chemical balancing, can save time and effort, not to mention peace of mind knowing that the health and safety requirements are being handled efficiently. Automation also eliminates human error associated with manually adjusting the chemical balance.

Pool automation systems allow users to schedule their filtration cycles remotely from anywhere, control temperature levels, and even ensure timely backwashing for efficient operation. All in all, pool automation offers convenience and reliability, leading to a consistently clean swimming environment for maximum enjoyment. 

Here are some of our favorite benefits of pool automation:

Improved energy efficiency and cost savings

With the surge of technological advances, pool owners now have greater access than ever to automated pool control systems. Using an app on your smartphone lets you easily control and adjust your pool's equipment, running it far more efficiently to save money and energy. With flexible programming options, such as scheduling equipment for off-peak times or multiple shorter cycles rather than one long cycle, you can further optimize your system's cost output. Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of modernized pool equipment today.

Convenience and ease of use

Automating your pool's pump and heating system offers complete control over the critical aspects of your pool at all times. Taking the labor out of manual handling, you gain the advantage of making changes with a few touches on your smartphone app - no remote needed! At such a high range, this service provides instant access with simple navigation for heating, filtering, chlorine levels, and other adjustments. In addition, smartphone accessibility removes any doubt about not having control - meaning managing your pool's functions is simply a matter of convenience.

Improved safety and security

Pool automation provides improved safety and security for pool owners in multiple ways. For example, automated pool covers can detect when someone or something falls into the pool, at which point it will respond by closing to prevent further issues. Similarly, sophisticated motion sensors can be used to monitor any water activity and activities taking place on nearby land. This can help alert authorities should the suspicious activity be detected, allowing them to address issues before they become larger problems. Finally, automated temperature control can help maintain safe swimming temperatures and other parameters within very tight tolerances so pool owners always have an optimal environment for swimming and recreation.

Easy chemical maintenance

With an automated swimming pool and spa system, you can sit back and relax as the technology does most of the work for you. Whether controlling pH levels, sanitizer quality, or general chemical composition - automation eliminates tedious tasks and ensures optimal balance through advanced technology. With a user-friendly interface, simple setup instructions, and no additional manual maintenance needed - it's never been easier to maintain your pool safely and efficiently. Automation is the perfect choice for convenience, value, and reliable water chemistry management.

Multi-system automation

With your pool and spa automation system, you can maximize the efficiency of basic functions like heating and lighting in a way that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. You'll also find it easier than ever to transition from one mode to another without extra effort. Whether you choose to switch between your pool or spa regularly or just want the ability for occasional changes, this automation system will make it easy for you to customize your poolside experience. The hub, switches, and controls tether everything together, so you don't have to worry about manual adjustments or complicated setup procedures every time. Let technology simplify the art of recreation!

Smartphone technology has revolutionized how we live by allowing us to complete tasks quickly and conveniently from anywhere in the world with just a few taps. So when it comes to pool and spa maintenance, why should you settle for anything less? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you automate your pool.

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