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When it comes to pool service in North County San Diego, we know that you have many options. We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service, and appreciate your consideration.

Your trusted partner in pool service

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At Priority Pool Service, our philosophy is simple. We pair consistent and dependable pool service with an exceptional customer experience.

Our customers know that they can rely on us to keep their pools sparkling clean year-round. More importantly, our customers know that we care. We treat every pool as if it were our own, and ensure that we are available to address any questions or concerns as quickly as possible.

When it comes to pool service in North County San Diego, we know that you have many options. We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service, and appreciate your consideration.

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Our philosophy is simple

We pair consistent and dependable pool service with an exceptional customer experience.

Weekly pool service report shown on cell phone

Stay informed with our weekly service reports

Sent directly to your inbox after each visit

When it comes to our customers, we believe in transparency and in leveraging technology to create the best customer experience possible.

Each week after we finish servicing your pool, you will receive an email from our team containing:

  • Photos of your freshly cleaned pool
  • Checklist of the services we performed while at your pool
  • Chemical readings report (including chlorine, pH, and more)
  • Additional communication regarding any issues that our technician noticed while at your pool
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Priority Pool Service shield showing our no-green guarantee

Our 'no-green' guarantee!

Relax and enjoy complete peace of mind - we have you covered

We stand behind the quality of our work, and your satisfaction and safety is our top priority. We also understand that a green pool can disrupt quality family time spent at your pool. This is why we offer our 'no green' guarantee. If at any time your pool becomes green while our team is maintaining service, we will immediately rectify the issue at no additional cost to you.

Comprehensive weekly pool care from our team of experts

Your pool deserves the best

Test and balance water chemistry

We perform a multi-point water chemistry test each week, and add the chemicals required to keep your water crystal clear and safe to use.

Empty pump and skimmer baskets

We will clear out your pump and skimmer baskets to improve your water circulation and protect the lifespan of your equipment.

Skim surface and brush tiles

We will remove all debris from the surface of your pool and brush the walls and tiles to prevent algae growth and staining.

Inspect and monitor pool equipment

We will visually inspect the pool equipment for proper function, looking for leaks, equipment failures, pressure issues, or other problems.

E-mail a service report after each visit

Each week you will receive a detailed e-mail report with a photo of your freshly cleaned pool, summary of services, and chemical readings.

Lock gate and secure property on the way out

The ongoing safety and security of your property is important to us. We will ensure the gate is locked and your property is properly secured upon exit.
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Couldn’t be happier with Priority Pool Service. These guys are awesome! I was never happy with pool cleaners as I always had to be on top of them to make sure they were doing the job right. Since I started my weekly service with Priority, I never have to worry. They are always on top of everything and are super communicative.
Customer photo
Milena C.
Review sourced from Google
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We hired Priority Pool Service a couple of months ago, and these folks have been nothing but amazing! The tech that comes out every week is fantastic and it is always the same person, which I love. Everyone we have dealt with at the company is very professional and they have a group text system where all of our information is in one text and everyone that helps us can see everything. It's very cool! These folks are truly professional and it shows from their work. I would hire them again tomorrow!
Customer photo
Dustin E.
Review sourced from Yelp
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Priority Pool Service is the only way to go for impeccable pool service! They are the most timely, professional, respectful, and reasonably priced company we’ve used for pool maintenance. Each week they send a report with pictures outlining the work completed by the tech. We have been exceptionally pleased using Priority Pool Service and recommend them highly.
Customer photo
Brenda D.
Review sourced from Google
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Priority's extraordinary service and responsiveness is truly outstanding. Our city has a good share of pool companies that promise great service with the appearance a competent staff that start off good however, most barely do acceptable servicing of your pool and equipment. Priority on the other hand not only does an exceptional job weekly cleaning your pool, they are meticulous about vacuuming, adding the proper chemicals & and brushing/cleaning all the pool and spa tiling every week!!
Customer photo
John M.
Review sourced from Yelp
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Priority Pool Service is very professional service provider among a lot of poor quality providers.  We have used many pool service providers and Priority is great to work with.  They come out every week and treat the pool and also send random checks from management on the pool cleanliness.
Customer photo
Emily M.
Review sourced from Google
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When I write reviews, it is because it is well deserved. I am not a current customer but If I ever need a repair or service I know what company to go to. I spoke with the manager, Dorian, because I needed a repair that my current company could not fix. He let me know that it sounded like an easy fix and that he did not want to charge me for something so simple. He literally spent 15 minutes on the phone with me trouble shooting my system and sure enough we fixed the issue. Talk about an honest company, who does that anymore? Nicest guy and great customer service.
Customer photo
James D.
Review sourced from Yelp
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We love how reliable and communicative Priority Pool Service is. They do a great job taking care of our pool, they are very knowledgeable about repairs and cleaning, and most importantly they show up when they say they’re going to show up! Can’t say enough good things about Priority Pool Service.
Customer photo
Jenna H.
Review sourced from Google
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The name Priority Pool Service is the perfect name for this company. They truly make your pool a priority. Their service is top notch. They rescued us from a pool full of algae. Now our pool is crystal clear and beautiful. If you're looking for a professional service to keep your pool in great shape give them a call today. Thank you Priority Pool Service for making me a happy customer.
Customer photo
Stacy W.
Review sourced from Yelp

North County San Diego's most trusted and reliable pool service

Welcome to Priority Pool Service - experience the difference

For more than 20 years, Priority Pool Service has been the top choice for expert pool service in North County San Diego. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has shaped our reputation, making us the go-to solution for all pool service and maintenance needs, ranging from routine weekly pool service to complex repairs. We understand the critical role of a well-maintained pool in the unique coastal and inland climates of North County San Diego and take pride in ensuring each pool we service mirrors the area's natural beauty and tranquility. Our team of seasoned technicians, equipped with the latest technology and a dedication to quality, sets us apart as the leading local pool service provider.

Our commitment to the North County San Diego community goes beyond pool care

As local residents of North County San Diego, our commitment to the city extends far beyond pool care. We recognize that community is the foundation of our vibrant area. Therefore, we are active supporters of local businesses, educators, and charities. Choosing Priority Pool Service means you're not just selecting the top pool service in North County San Diego; you're partnering with a team deeply invested in the prosperity, growth, and safety of this unique city.

We are the highest-rated pool service company in North County San Diego

We believe that a strong reputation is built through consistent dedication to our customers and the community over time. We take immense pride in our work, offering the best in every job, regardless of its size. Promptly addressing any mistakes that are made, we always strive to exceed expectations. This dedication has made us the most reviewed and top-rated pool service provider in North County San Diego. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our numerous five-star reviews on Google and Yelp.

We have a full-service repair department in-house

Our dedication to complete pool care is evident in our full-service repair department. Staffed by highly skilled technicians, we are prepared to handle a wide range of pool repairs, from minor equipment repairs to major overhauls. Whether it involves fixing pumps, filters, heaters, or addressing leaks and tile issues, our team brings experience and precision to every job. Utilizing only the highest quality parts and latest technology, we ensure your pool functions at its best. Our proactive approach to maintenance and repair doesn’t just fix current issues but also anticipates and prevents future problems, keeping your pool a delightful and relaxing feature of your North County San Diego home for years to come.

Pool service and maintenance in North County San Diego

North County San Diego, with its diverse coastal and inland climates, presents a unique array of challenges for pool maintenance, distinct from many other regions in the United States. Unlike the extreme heat of desert cities, North County experiences a more moderate yet varied climate. Summers bring warm, sunny days ideal for pool enjoyment, while winters are generally milder but can still pose specific maintenance needs.

Pool service in North County San Diego's summers

Maintaining a pool in the warm summer months of North County San Diego involves managing factors like moderate heat, occasional direct sunlight, and frequent use of the pool. While the temperatures aren't as extreme as in desert climates, consistent sunlight can still affect your pool's sanitizing agents, such as chlorine, reducing their effectiveness. This, coupled with increased pool usage, creates conditions that may encourage algae and bacteria growth.

Moreover, evaporation, though less intense than in desert areas, can still concentrate chemicals and minerals in the water, such as cyanuric acid and calcium. These can be challenging to balance and may accumulate in pool equipment, potentially causing damage. Regularly draining and refilling the pool every few years is a recommended practice to manage these chemical levels.

Additionally, with each swim, new bacteria and chemicals are introduced to the pool, which can further challenge the maintenance of a healthy and clean pool environment.

Pool service in North County San Diego's winters

Winter in North County San Diego, while not as severe as colder regions, still requires attention to pool care. Freezing temperatures are rare, but cooler nights can affect your pool's maintenance needs. The focus shifts more towards managing debris accumulation, as falling leaves, branches, and dust are more prevalent. Regular skimming and vacuuming become crucial to maintain cleanliness and ensure efficient pool equipment operation.

Hire an expert pool service company that knows North County San Diego

Understanding the seasonal dynamics of North County San Diego is key to effective pool maintenance. It's advisable to engage a professional pool service company that is well-versed in the local climate and its impact on pool care. Experts like those at Priority Pool Service, with years of experience in the region, are equipped to handle the unique challenges presented by the local environment. Our comprehensive services include routine weekly pool service and an in-house team for pool equipment repairs and replacements. By entrusting your pool care to professionals, you ensure a hassle-free, enjoyable pool experience year-round. So relax and let us handle the hard work.

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