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Renew your pool's plaster with an acid or chlorine wash

Maintaining a pristine and inviting pool usually involves more than just your routine weekly pool service. Over time, minor staining, discoloration, and the gradual accumulation of mineral deposits can tarnish your plaster and make it look dull and discolored. Oftentimes, minor stains and fading luster is simply the result of ordinary wear-and-tear combined with the minerals and chemicals present in the water. To restore your plaster to its original shine, we recommend specialized treatments every few years, such as acid or chlorine washes, to renew and restore your pool's aesthetic to its original condition.

What's the difference between an acid wash and a chlorine wash?

Although acid washes and chlorine washes fundamentally follow the same process, the use cases are actually quite different. Acid washes, as their name suggests, involve the use of highly corrosive muriatic acid to get the job done. As such, acid washes are a great tool to remove heavy staining. Conversely, a chlorine wash involves the use of liquid chlorine, a less corrosive chemical than acid, and would typically be used to address persistent algae infestations that shock treatment can't take care of.

Let's take a deeper look at the differences between acid washes and chlorine washes to help determine what solution might be best for your pool.

Acid washes

An acid wash is a specialized procedure used in pool plaster maintenance to address surface-related issues such as staining, mineral deposits, and discoloration. Acid washes involve the use of muriatic acid, a highly corrosive substance that effectively dissolves and removes contaminants that have adhered to the pool's plaster over time. It's important to consider that the acid doesn't just target the contaminants, it will also remove minor surface stains and blemishes as well as various algae and mineral spores that are embedded in the plaster.

The process typically begins with the complete draining of the pool to expose the surface. A diluted acid solution, commonly composed of muriatic acid, is then applied directly to the surface via a chemical sprayer to evenly distribute the acid solution. The acid serves as a powerful solvent, breaking down and dissolving mineral deposits and stains that have adhered to the pool over time. Our technicians are trained to give the utmost attention to the application process, ensuring uniform coverage across the surfaces of the pool.

The acid solution is subsequently brushed or scrubbed onto the exposed surfaces to effectively remove the contaminants. The brushing is an important aspect of the entire procedure, which allows for manual agitation and dislodging of stubborn deposits, minerals, and algae spores to lift. The entire acid wash process requires precision and expertise to prevent overexposure or damage to the pool surfaces. Once the surface contaminants and stains have been scrubbed away, the pool is thoroughly rinsed, typically with a low-speed pressure washer. Following the rinse, all residual acid and water is drained completely from the pool bottom to remove any excess acidic water and minerals. This is one of the most important steps in the acid wash process and should be exercised with extreme caution and precision, as this highly acidic water can cause blemishes on the newly-cleaned plaster.

Although acid washing can be quite effective at restoring the visual appearance of a pool, its application does not come without drawbacks. The frequency of acid washing should be minimized, as excessive acid washing can accelerate wear and tear on the plaster. Additionally, the procedure may not be suitable for all pool types and surfaces. Our team will perform a thorough evaluation of the plaster to determine if an acid wash is the right solution for you.

Chlorine washes

A chlorine wash is a specialized maintenance technique used in pool care, particularly effective for addressing issues like algae infestations, bacterial growth, and surface sanitation. Chlorine washes involve the use of a liquid chlorine solution, which acts as a powerful disinfectant to thoroughly cleanse and sanitize the plaster. Unlike acid washes, chlorine washes focus primarily on eradicating organic contaminants like algae and bacteria, rather than mineral deposits or staining.

The procedure starts with draining the pool completely to fully expose the surfaces. A concentrated chlorine solution is then applied meticulously to the pool's surface, often using a sprayer for even distribution. This chlorine solution works as an effective agent in breaking down and eliminating organic matter and bacteria that have accumulated over time. Our technicians are expertly trained in the application process, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the pool surfaces for maximum effectiveness.

Following the application, the chlorine solution is carefully brushed or scrubbed onto the surfaces. This step is crucial for manually dislodging and removing persistent algae growth and bacterial buildup. The entire chlorine wash process demands skill and attention to detail to ensure thorough cleaning without damaging the pool surfaces. After the contaminants have been effectively scrubbed away, the pool is extensively rinsed, often with a pressure washer, to remove any remaining chlorine residue. It's vital that all residual chlorine and water are completely drained from the pool to ensure a clean and safe environment for future use.

While chlorine washes are highly effective for sanitizing and restoring the appearance of a pool, it's important to use this method judiciously. Excessive chlorine washing can affect the longevity of the pool's surfaces. Moreover, this method might not be suitable for all types of pools. Our team conducts a detailed evaluation to decide if a chlorine wash is the most appropriate solution for your pool's specific needs.

What is the process to acid or chlorine wash a pool?

The acid or chlorine washing to remove contaminants from the surfaces of the pool involves several steps, all of which must be performed properly to ensure no damage is done to the pool’s surface.

Step 1. Conduct a thorough evaluation and present a cost estimate.

Our comprehensive acid or chlorine wash procedure starts with a detailed evaluation of your pool's surface condition. Our team will assess the age and current state of your pool's plaster. This includes deciding whether to use an acid or chlorine wash based on the specific needs of your pool. We conduct an in-depth analysis to pinpoint any mineral deposits, identify stains or imperfections in the plaster that may be challenging to eliminate, and note areas that might need extra care. Additionally, we determine the type of surface your pool has to ensure the correct preparation of the acid or chlorine solution.

Following this thorough assessment, we will provide you with a quote for our acid or chlorine wash service. Upon your approval, we'll schedule the service at your convenience. Our scheduling is typically prompt, allowing for appointments to be set within a few days, although this can vary based on seasonal demand and workload.

Step 2. Completely drain the pool and shut off all equipment.

On the day of your scheduled appointment, our technician will begin by turning off all the pool equipment at the circuit breakers. They will then proceed to completely drain the pool and expose all of the pool surfaces. This is done by placing a drain pump in the pool, connected via a hose to the closest clean-out drain. The technician will closely monitor the clean-out drain and nearby drains to confirm that there is no backup of water occurring.

They will keep a watchful eye on these drains throughout the process and leave the drain pump running. The pump is designed to automatically switch off once it has fully drained all the water from the pool. Depending on your pool's size, this draining procedure generally takes between 5 to 7 hours to complete.

Step 3. Begin acid or chlorine washing all plaster surfaces.

Before commencing with the acid or chlorine wash of the entire pool, we will conduct a final inspection of the plaster. This involves identifying any specific blemishes or areas that might need extra care. This initial examination is a vital step in refining our technique, enabling our technician to precisely adjust the chemical mixture and determine the appropriate intensity for brushing and pressure washing.

Once this evaluation is complete, we will apply the prepared acid or chlorine solution around the pool's perimeter, paying special attention to any marked areas of concern. Our technician will then thoroughly brush the entire surface of the pool. This action is essential for effectively removing mineral deposits, algae spores, and smoothing out minor imperfections in the plaster.

This process typically requires between 4 to 6 hours, varying based on the condition of the pool's surface and its size. Our commitment to detail ensures that your pool is restored to its optimal condition with the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Step 4. Low-speed pressure wash to remove residual acid or chlorine.

After we finish spraying and brushing all surfaces, we proceed with a gentle pressure wash. This step is crucial to eliminate any remaining acid or chlorine, along with all debris. Once the pool walls have been pressure washed, our technician will reactivate the drain pump to clear out all water and debris from the pool's floor. This phase is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, as any residue left on the surface could become visible as a blemish when the pool is refilled with water.

Step 5. Conduct a final inspection, refill the pool water, and tidy up the area.

Finally, we'll conduct an exhaustive final inspection to guarantee that the completed job meets our quality standards. If everything is in perfect condition, our technician will then remove the drain pump and start the process of refilling the pool with water. After this, we'll reactivate all the pool equipment and properly balance the water chemistry. We'll make a last sweep to ensure your backyard is left in pristine condition. Before leaving, we will securely lock the gate, ensuring everything is in order and safe.

Before and after photos

Stained plaster and murky water

Plaster restored to its original sheen

Why choose Priority Pool Service for your acid or chlorine wash?

Our team has decades of experience intreating all types of plaster and pool surfaces

Our team of seasoned pool professionals brings decades of expertise to the forefront of pool service and maintenance. Specializing in both acid and chlorine washing, we adeptly handle the challenges of removing algae, bacteria, and stubborn stains from various pool surfaces. Our approach integrates advanced techniques and the latest equipment, ensuring comprehensive cleaning that respects both the condition and beauty of your pool.

Unwavering Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

We recognize that your pool is a haven of joy, relaxation, and precious moments. Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in every step of our service. From the initial assessment to the final walkthrough, we offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of your pool. We pride ourselves on our steadfast commitment to quality and back our services with solid guarantees of workmanship and satisfaction.

Environmentally Conscious Acid and Chlorine Wash Process

We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices. Whether conducting an acid or chlorine wash, we utilize methods and materials that are safe for both your family and the environment. Our treatments effectively tackle mineral deposits and organic contaminants with limited use of harmful chemicals. We prioritize safety, ensuring that any harmful or corrosive chemicals are thoroughly removed and the pool water is appropriately balanced so your pool is not only looking good, but safe for all swimmers, including children and pets. Opting for our services means enjoying a beautifully maintained pool while contributing to a healthier, greener world.

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